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UVA-127, UVA-127-12UVA-127, UVA-127-12

Ozone Test Trips

Uvonair® Ozone Test Strips conviniently test for safe levels of saturated ozone in the air.

  • Included for free with every single portable Uvonair® Room Model.
  • Each single package contains 4 individual test strips.

Uvonair® Ozone Test Strips:

  • Uvonair® Ozone Test Strips
    Single pack with 4 strips

Uvonair Test Strips - UVA-127


  • Uvonair® Ozone Test Strips
    12 pack with 4 strips/pack

Uvonair Ozone Test Strips - 12 Pack - UVA-127-12


• The Uvonair model should be selected to suit the room size. If using a larger unit than recommended, use a timer to adjust the operating time accordingly.

• When testing for ozone:

  1. Operate the Uvonair continuously for one (1) hour.
  2. If the reading is over .05 ppm (parts per million) install a timer and program the timer to operate for 30 minutes per hour.
  3. Re-test the level of ozone after 30 minutes of operation and determine an appropriate operating time between the two settings to stay under .05 ppm. Practical experience by the detection of the offensive odors you want to eliminate, will also be a guide.

Remove only as many test strips as are required. Close the polybag immediately after removing a strip. Do not touch the test field.


  1. Hold the test strip in the open air or place on a flat surface with the test field facing up.
  2. Protect the test strip from any wind.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight.
  4. Wait 10 minutes.
  5. Compare the test field with the color scale.

If ozone is present, the test field turns light yellow to brown. Ozone in concentrations above .05 ppm (parts per million) may be injurious to human health. Our ozone test strips measure concentrated levels of ozone in ppb (parts per billion). Use the table below to convert ppb to ppm (parts per million) in order to stay below .05ppm:

45     ppb (parts per billion)    =    .045 ppm
75     ppb (parts per billion)    =    .075 ppm
105   ppb (parts per billion)    =    .105 ppm


  1. The test field may change after the reaction time has elapsed. This has no relevance for the reading.
  2. Never replace a used test strip into the polybag, even if the measurement was negative.

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