Don’t Just Mask The Smell, Eliminate It!


Cleaning Your Space with an Ozone Generator

One of the most challenging issues cleaning professionals must deal with is malodor eradication. Often, even once the source of the odor has been removed, odors persist because they have penetrated carpets, wall coverings, furniture, etc.

One of the fastest, most effective, and safest ways to tackle persistent malodors is with an ozone generator. Ozone, which can be sprayed by special machines called ozone generators, removes offending odors by breaking down molecules, spores and bacteria. Ozone (03) is a very reactive molecule which reacts with particles in the air and on surfaces. It attaches itself to other molecules and changes the chemical structure that creates neutral smelling molecules, thereby cleaning the air. The best way to avoid having to resort to more advance odor removal techniques is to simply to use the services of a professional cleaner, to regularly maintain the cleanliness of a space and to ensure that your commercial space smell fresh and pleasant.

Ozone is used in low atmospheric doses in hospital wards, offices, veterinarian rooms, commercial kitchens and factories to keep the air sterile, sterilize bedding, prevent the spread of airborne pathogens and keep the place smelling clean. People occasionally use it at home to sterilize dishes, treat various ailments and make their homes a little fresher.

Cleaning professionals should know the following about ozone generators:

•       The source of the odor must first be removed for the ozone generator to be effective
•       Ozone machines oxidize odor-producing particulates, leaving behind pure oxygen; in most cases this means the odor is completely eliminated
•       Areas where an ozone machine is in use should be sealed off
•       Ozone generators are most effective at removing tobacco and fire odors as well as odors caused by paint, garbage, mold, or mildew.
•       Ozone machines do not mask odors, they eliminate them
•       They can be used in schools, offices, and hospitals, boats, cars, and recreational vehicles
•       Select a machine with adjustable ozone output levels; some odors may require a higher ozone output than others
•       For enhanced safety, the machine should have a programmable timer that turns the machine off at a specific time
•       Usually ozone machines need at least 30 minutes to work effectively, however this can vary depending on the extent of the odor problem or the size of the area in which it is used

While cleaning professionals should use care when using ozone generators they should also know that used properly, ozone generators can be very effective at odor removal.


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