Don’t Just Mask The Smell, Eliminate It!


Uvonair 5000 Room Model OzonatorUvonair 5000 Room Model Ozonator

Everyone loves his or her car, especially while it still has that new-car smell. Once that wears off, all sorts of other odors develop. Tobacco smoke, spilled food, road kill, gasoline, smog, mildew from the air conditioning system, pet odors or even an ill child, will all contribute to an unpleasant and not so healthy automotive environment.

The better car washes also offer auto detailing. You schedule an appointment to drop off your vehicle. They clean it inside and out, hand wax, buff, vacuum, wash the mats, and deodorize.

We have many friends in the car detailing business who use our ozone generators to deodorize their cars. They soon discovered how much profit the Uvonair® they purchased from us is making for them. Deodorizing with ozone is an excellent service to offer. We highly recommend that you try it!

Deodorizing with ozone is one of the most popular services offered today in the auto detailing industry. Best of all (for those businesses who invested in our ozone generators) is that the ozone generators paid for themselves in the first week!

New and used car dealers find our ozone generators to be a worthwhile investment. When accepting trade-ins or purchasing used cars at an auction, dealers have found adding an ozone treatment to their detailing protocol, really pays off.

Cars previously owned by smokers or pet owners are becoming impossible to resell until those odors have been eliminated. Once the ozone does its job, it can mean $1000's in added re-sale value. You might want to consider this when it is time to trade in your automobile. A good ozone treatment could significantly increase your trade in value.

Your car is an extension of your home. The difference is that your car travels. It travels past the factory with the big smokestack, or past the dairy farm, or gets stuck in an exhaust-filled traffic jam. You open and close the windows and doors to let in people, odors, pollution and smog. That burger you got at the drive-through was good, the extra onions made it great! However, you cannot say the same for the odor that still lingers in the car a few days later. Eventually you get into the car and are so used to the odors that you don't even notice them anymore. You get used to it - but other people still smell the stink!

Don't Mask the Odor with Rear-View Mirror Air Fresheners
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