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Uvonair CD Model Ozonator
Ozone generators have made their mark as the most affordable and most common feature in larger commercial growrooms to date. Domestic and industrial use of ozone is not new, but understanding the many benefits that go into a grow operation is noteworthy. An inexpensive ozone generator is capable of saving crops from molds, battling predators, oxygenating root zones, sterilizing equipment, disinfecting entire growrooms and more!

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Ozone is used in low atmospheric doses in hospital wards, offices, veterinarian rooms, commercial kitchens and factories to keep the air sterile, sterilize bedding, prevent the spread of airborne pathogens and keep the place smelling clean. People occasionally use it at home to sterilize dishes, treat various ailments and make their homes a little fresher. The familiar smell of it is like that fresh smell after a heavy storm, which is the ozone created by electrical energy in the clouds and brought down in rain.

Choosing the correct ozone generator is important. Too small an output will be ineffective, too large could be hazerdous. For an average-sized grow space, a generator with an output of around 200 to 400 milligrams (mg) per hour will be fine. Huge commercial operations will need upwards of 1 gram of output per hour, and micro-grows can get by with under 100 mg per hour. Please note that these are only guidelines, as every growroom will differ in nature.

Sterilizing your room and equipment is one of the biggest hassles of being a grower. Ozone eliminates the tediousness and labor-intensive time and effort required for sterilization. You will still have to manually clean up debris with hot water first, but once that's done the hard part is over. Let equipment dry, and then stack it up so air can circulate freely around it. Include things like scalpels, pruners, pH meters, screens and fans because OZONE STERILIZERS EVERYTHING!!

Here are just a few Ozone Pros for growrooms:

• Ozone kills bacteria
• Removes all odors from the air very effectively
• Creates an environment that spider-mites don't like (it won't get rid of a problem, but it will help keep spider-mites from getting out of control)
• Controls mold and powdery mildew both on plants and in the room

The most common use of ozone by growers today can be found inside or "in-line" the existing ventilation duct system. In most cases, the ozone has replaced an outdated carbon filter system. Although, with many sophisticated grow spaces today, we have found that growers are combining their new ozone control units in conjunction with carbon filters giving the grower extra insurance against unwanted odors escaping. This method is also completely safe because the ozone is immediately extracted through ventilation into the outside, leaving no possibility of ozone buildup inside the growroom. For this set-up, you need a medium to large output in-line generator to place inside your ducting such as our UVONAIR® CD Units. Here the ozone molecules mix with the smelly plant terpenes inside the pipe. In an ideal world, you would have this in-line ozone system paired with a portable ozone generator such as our UVONAIR® Room Models.

An ozone generator can save crops from botrytis and other pathogens, even if it has already started to weave its gray web around plants. It does this quickly without adding any toxic chemicals at all. Ozone is a wonderful tool for the hydroponic gardener. If treated with respect, it can troubleshoot many problems and maximize efficiency in a growroom.

Ozone is a wonderful tool for the hydroponic gardener. If treated with respect, it can troubleshoot many problems and maximize efficiency in a growroom!

Don't mask the odor with outdated, cumbersome carbon filters,
eliminate it with Uvonair®!

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